About Us

jenandwally.jpgHello, I’m Jen Klaus, the owner of Magnolia’s Pet Grooming.  I’m married to a wonderful man, Wally Klaus, and without him our new location would not be what it is (awesome!).   We have a mixed family but really they are all ours.  He is a great partner and support in my life, I feel very lucky having him!!  As a family, we have three dogs, one Black Russian Terrier Oliver, two Jack Russell Terriers Steve Dave and Susan Debra.  I have been grooming since 2007 and I LOVE what I do!!  We were originally Dulcey’s Pet Grooming and without Dulcey I would not be the groomer I am today, MANY thanks to her!!  The name Magnolia’s comes from my late, great, wonderful, Jack Russell Terrier, Maggie (or Mimi is what her name morphed into later).  She unfortunately passed away at the age of 11.  She was happy and healthy her whole life and I miss her greatly.  Pets are amazing when it comes to loving and being there for you, I feel very lucky to have been loved by her for so long.

I also feel very blessed with our community.  We have been welcomed with open arms into the township of Whitehall.  The business is growing everyday, and I’m very excited to have more groomers here to  accommodate more customers.