Meet Our Groomers!

JenniferProfile2.pngJennifer Klaus

“Hello, I’m Jen Klaus, the owner of Magnolia’s Pet Grooming. I have been grooming since 2007 and I LOVE what I do! I feel very blessed with our community.  We have been welcomed with open arms into the township of Whitehall.  The business is growing everyday, and I’m very excited to have more groomers here to accommodate more customers!”


Rebecca Nolterebeccaprofile

“I started grooming in 1982. I started as a bather in February, and by August I was training as a groomer! In November 1982 I worked for eight years at the Mari-Brooks grooming salon in Iowa. I also worked at Moline Animal Clinic for several years – giving me the love each animals health and wellbeing as well! I even opened my very own salon called Beckie’s Bow Wow Boutique. I moved to Michigan in June of 2016, and I’m so blessed to be working for Magnolias Pet Grooming with Jennifer Klaus and her team!”

nicoleprofile2.jpgNicole Maycroft

“I’ve lived in Muskegon my entire life. I’ve been grooming since 2014, and I find grooming to be the most rewarding job I’ve ever had in my entire life. I started out as a bather at Magnolia’s, and by the end of that year I loved it so much and learned how to groom! I’m your girl for any giant breed dogs you need to bring in, they’re my favorite.”


channaprofile2.pngChanna Casebolt

“I started bathing dogs for Magnolia’s Pet Grooming in 2010, and I loved it right away! I slowly started learning to groom, and by 2012 I moved on from bathing and started fully grooming. I’ve worked for Jennifer for all seven years!”



 meganprofile3Megan Aney

I have been in the pet grooming business for over 14 years.  I truly enjoy interacting with pet owners and hearing their pet stories.  I will always go the extra mile to make my customers happy.  I have mastered proper techniques in pet handling and quality haircutting.  I am very experienced in grooming ‘difficult’ pets, those that bite, scratch, wiggle, or are otherwise difficult for most groomers to complete, including cats!  I pride myself on being patient, gentle, and humane to all the animals I groom.  I am very knowledgeable in all types of hair styles and breed-specific clips.

lindsayprofile2.pngLindsay Williams

“I started bathing dogs for Jen in 2013, and I caught on incredibly quick! By the end of that year I was taking on grooming jobs by myself, and challenging myself every day with new breeds! I love watching videos and sharpening my techniques to make sure I bring the best care and cuts to your animals!”